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Eclectic Food Processors

Hand-Cranked Blender - $98.95 » This hand-cranked blender from Lehman's will give you a workout while you whip up that breakfast smoothie. The Lehman's catalog is a fantastic resource for nonelectric alternatives to common household items — the business was founded to serve Amish communities but now enjoys widespread appeal.

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Avocado Lime Hummus

Avocado Lime Hummus | All the flavors of guacamole and hummus come together in one delicious dip!

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Colombian Aji Picante

Aji picante is a spicy Colombian hot sauce served with soups, sancocho, stews, rice, beans, empanadas and more. Every Latin country has there own version of a spicy hot sauce, each unique and delicious. This is my mom's recipe, she never measures when she cooks so it was a bit tricky getting her measurements right. A little goes a long way, you only need to add a few teaspoons to whatever you put this on. To save time, I used my mini food processor. Colombian Aji Picante Gina's Weight…

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Chocolate-Tahini Fudge

This sweet chocolate fudge gets great flavor from sesame paste and toasted sesame oil. Get the recipe at Food & Wine.


This vegetarian Feta Walnut Pate will more than satisfy and delight even your carniverous friends. It couldn't get easier so give it a go!


Rum Balls - This recipe is easy and yummy. I used dark chocolate cocoa powder, and they are rich and delicious. Not too strong, like my grandmother's recipe. It did fill up my food processor, though.


Lemon Energy Bar Recipe

Cashews, coconut, maple syrup, lemon zest and lemon juice are pulsed together in a food processor and then pressed into a pan. Zesty, healthy and fresh.


Spinach Artichoke Cheese Ball (1 (8 oz) block fat free cream cheese, at room temperature 1 cup Italian blend shredded cheese 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 lb fresh spinach, roughly chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 (14 oz) can artichoke hearts, quartered and drained 1/4 teaspoon salt 6 Wasa Crisp 'n Light Wholesome Wheat Crackerbread pieces, pulsed in the food processor to make crumbs 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese)