Easy Magic Trick - Vanishing a Coin: Easy Magic Trick for Kids, Vanishing Coin - Perform the Trick

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Simple Magic: The 22 Coolest Card Tricks for Beginners and Kids: Learn This Cool Trick Where a Card Flies From Hand to Hand

To levitate something or somebody is to cause it to suddenly rise without physical means and seemingly break the laws of gravity. Magicians are known for levitating or floating small objects such as cards and finger rings in close-up magic, or can even levitate people, live animals or even cars and more in big stage illusions. Here are some simple magic tricks that will allow you to levitate objects, make them suspend or float in air or seemingly move on their own. Just like defying gravity.

This is an Amazing Math Card Trick. We still don’t understand why it works. You’ll blow people away with it if you follow the directions.

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Learn how to do magic. Learn easy magic tricks with magician Christian Lavey. You can teach this card trick also to your friends

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