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Easy English Bible Commentary

When the 1611 King James Bible was published, it was a book that summed up and refined the preceding tradition of English Bible translation. It wasn't entirely new, but it certainly wasn't old.

Complete Jewish Bible-OE by David H. Stern,


A free Bible Version and Commentary on the Letter to the Galatians in Easy English. Description from I searched for this on

Let these uneducated @$$e$ SECEDE. They can't spell so it brings down the grade curve of smart Americans!


My favorite online Bible study site...easy to use, has everything, and a great iPhone app makes your study seamless and accessible anywhere.


ESV Study Bible. Produced by Crossway Bibles. Study notes explain things, and overviews to each book provide helpful, insightful information.

John Wesley's commentary on the whole Bible was produced between 1754 and 1765. Includes introductory notes to each book.

Overview/Introduction 2 Timothy