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Easter weekend dates

"Ice Skating Date" by omgsokawaii ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring moda, Max Studio, Lolë, MAC Cosmetics i M&Co

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It’s always a good time when my boyfriend comes to visit. He came from Florida for this extended Easter weekend. One of the benefits of dating someone who appreciates good food is that I can …

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Paleo carrot cake - had this at a birthday party last weekend and it was AMAZING! I would happily eat only this cake for the rest of my life.

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77 Activities to Do without Spending a Dollar

The world is full of places to go and opportunities to capitalize on. If you really wanted to, you would be able come up with some new activity each weekend to keep yourself entertained. This all sounds great, but a lot of the activities in this world require money. Equal to the number of activities […]

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Keukenhof 2016: Amsterdam's Tulip & Flower Festival

Amsterdam's tulip festival is one of the largest flower displays in the world. It's a fantastic event held the Netherlands each year. The dates for 2016 ...

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Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, wearing a complete ski outfit, smiles before starting a day of skiing at Mt. Mansfield, 3/28. The entire Kennedy clan are spending the Easter weekend at this winter resort. Date:March 28, 1964. ✾❤✾❤❁❤❃

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It's Easter Monday! But what are we celebrating this weekend?

It's Easter weekend 2016! But why do we celebrate Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?

Easter Weekend: Double Decker Carrot Cake Cupcakes

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In 1957, Yvonne Lime was chosen to co-star with Elvis Presley in "Loving You'" in which she played the role of Sally. Elvis and Yvonne developed more than a professional interest in one another- and they dated some during the filming. On Easter weekend of 1957 she even went to visit him in Memphis and he took her to see Graceland which was undergoing renovations before the Presleys moved in.

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