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Earthquake Games

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These vocabulary cards could be used in a center for a matching game or for a short descriptive response.

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Geology Unit: Plate Tectonics Activity: Earthquakes, Faults, Hot Spots, etc

These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about plate tectonics and earthquakes. There are two versions which contain the following vocabulary terms: ♦ Convergent boundary, Divergent boundary, Transform boundary, Subduction zone, Fault, Convection current, Hot spot, Tectonic plate And ♦ Earthquake, Seismic wave, Magnitude, Epicenter, Seismologist, Seismograph, Continental drift, Pangaea

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Plate Tectonics: Brush, Bump and Pull Experiment. Great way for students to experiment with a hands-on model of plate interaction using styrofoam (tectonic plates) and water (magma in lithosphere). Can model and predict the what various interactions do and even model specific natural disasters such as the Haiti Earthquake. (MY TEKS)

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