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THE COMING QUAKE: It's called the NEW MADRID fault line, and it is 6 times larger than the San Andreas fault in California, and covers 7 states. In 1811, an earthquake so powerful occurred there that people still talk about it today. They say the one that's coming next could split the United States in half. #NewMadrid #Earthquakes #Prophecy


Apparent left-lateral movement as well as right-hand block uplift along the surface rupture after the 13 Nov 2016 New Zealand earthquake.


"From the air, the Wasatch fault zone, on the edge of Salt Lake City, shows many features indicative of recent earthquakes. These features include a straight and abrupt mountain front, faceted spurs, and wineglass canyons." Caption from link

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11/13/2016 - The whole seabed raised out of the ground - Kaikoura, NZ


The New Madrid fault system contains two types of faults, a strike slip segment oriented to the northeast, running from Marked Tree, AR to Caruthersville, MO, and a northwest trending reverse fault that rests below the New Madrid region. Material on the northwest side of the strike-slip fault moves northeast, and up the ramp. --St. Louis U.