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Earthquake Lesson - building earthquake proof skyscrapers. Could be fun and the students could choose their own materials.

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STEM Activity Challenge: Build a Tower with Index Cards

STEM Challenge: Can you build a tower with only ONE supply? Kids will try all kinds of things with this one, including making columns. Their thinking will change a lot as they learn about counter balancing! whatever you do, don't sneeze!

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Norwich University, earthquakes architecture, earthquake proof architecture…

INFOGRAPHIC: How engineering is keeping us safe from earthquakes

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Stem challenge: earthquake proof building

This is a STEM design challenge where students will design an earthquake proof building, place it on a shake table and see if it survives an earthquake. Have students compete to make the best design by following the design process. Each packet includes the lesson plan which follows the design process, instructions on how to perform the challenge and a prototyping worksheet.

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Teaching Idea: This is a wonderful demonstration of how the earth's soil reacts during an earthquake and how this reaction effects buildings and other structures. This would be a great visual for students to see before they research particular earthquakes or fault lines.

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A super fun earthquake unit study

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STEM Activity Challenge Earthquake Resistant Building

STEM Challenge: Build an earthquake resistant house and then try it! Give it some vigorous shaking for 15 seconds! Will it stay upright?

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