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Continent Study-- This Webpage gives links broken down by continent: A political map of each continent, with capitals, flags, languages, & link to google earth views. (Map of the World by Pieter van den Keere)

from Atlas Obscura

Get Hypnotized By This Interactive Map of the Winds

Cameron Beccario / Earth Wind Map .. view depicts winds swirling around Central and South America, 2016

FREE Google Maps Mini-Unit! Student and Teacher tutorials provided! (Grades 3-12)In this Mini-Unit, you and your students will explore the earth using Google Maps, Google Earth, Google My Maps, Street View, Ocean View, Sky and Space View, Time-Travel, Historical Timeline, Sunlight Model, Flight Mode, and go on an Address Hunt using specific addresses, coordinates, and country geographics!

Telling stories with Google Maps, Earth and Street View

Google has two distinctly different apps — Maps and Earth — that can handle similar tasks but are used in very different ways. Whereas on the desktop you can quickly switch between the informative Maps interface and detailed full-blown satellite Earth view, the experience is a bit choppier when you're juggling Maps and Earth apps on Android. Google Maps contains all of the...