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Hush | Block out the world. Hear what you need. Pop in the “Hush” plugs. and fall asleep to soothing sounds like ocean waves and rainfall. These smart earplugs also have a notification filter and know to ping you only for the important stuff. They can also wake up you and only you


The Best Earplugs for Snoring - why you don't need to suffer sleepless nights! #zoomhealth

EP-3 Sonic Defenders $13. SureFire’s EP-3 Sonic Defenders are no mere earplugs; they actively guard your ears, allowing normal conversation and sounds to pass but blocking any noise that exceeds 80 db. I need these at the gun range.


Ear plug reviews. Snoring is a problem and you can find lots of articles out there about the common causes that make people snore at night. We, however, want to tackle the problem from a different angle: if millions of people snore every night then that is not a laughing matter for millions of other people sleeping next to them. More and more people try to find a solution that let them sleep peacefully next ...

People nowadays require earplugs for various reasons. It is often observed that the person you are sleeping with, has a snoring problem or your neighbor’s notorious children turned on their favorite metal band when you have just returned from your office and need some quite time after long hectic day. Many More