Crumhorns, early music instruments. The crumhorn is a musical instrument of the woodwind family, most commonly used during the Renaissance period. In modern times, there has been a revival of interest in Early Music, and crumhorns are being played again.Because of the limited range, music for crumhorns is usually played by a group of instruments of different sizes and hence at different pitches.

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Early music composition. Desk bells. I have 8 altogether but only using 3 for now. Will introduce more as time goes on.

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The Best of Baroque - YouTube; 2 hours of instrumental Baroque music. Great to play when working or studying

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"My taste in music ranges from 'you need to listen to this' to 'please don't judge me.'"

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In the early 2000s pop music was everything. Back then Christina was Dirrty and Britney was Toxic. Throw it back with this playlist including everything from Outkast's 2004 smash hit Hey Ya to J-Lo classic jam, Jenny From the Block.

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Early music education quote. During moments of musical euphoria, blood travels through the brain to areas where other stimuli can produce feelings of contentment and joy-and travels away from brain cell areas associated with depression and fear. Dr. Frederick Tims, reported in AMC Music News, June 2, 1999. Featuring a very content and joyful Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik kid! #growandsingstudios #kindermusik

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