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Utah Girl Bullied About Large Ears Gets Free Surgery

Utah Girl Bullied About Large Ears Gets Free Surgery From Big-Hearted Surgeon Who Was Also Teased as a Kid

When visiting with Dr. Thompson, the first question patients ask is often, "How long is recovery from ear-pinning or otoplasty surgery?"

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ABC4Utah Highlights Dr. Thompson's Extensive Experience with Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) in Utah

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Vertigo Caused By Dislodged Ear Crystals? ~ Simple Exercise To Re-Set Calcium Crystals In Ear

I never knew before that we had tiny crystals in our ears that affected our balance! Whenever I experience an CFS/ME flare (or even my Fibromyalgia) brought on by a re-activation of the EBV virus in my body, I get terrible DIZZY SPELLS. By following the simple exercise included in this article, I now know there is something I can do to help the VERTIGO I sometimes experience! *Pin Now For Later

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#Otoplasty, Cosmetic ear surgery, correct an abnormal shape, prominent or protruding ears

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It’s Just Not Fair For Other Horses

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If I ever go into a coma please just make a playlist of all my favorite songs and put earbuds in my ears and JUST DO IT OKAY

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Alexander Wang Hits a High Note, Fendi's New Blog + More!

Alexander Wang x Beats by Dre - I'm deaf in one ear and have also had surgery in that ear so in ear ear phones are a no no, I've been wanting a pair of Beats for years, still haven't got round to treating myself. Beats are the ultimate thing I would love off this wish list. I love my music.

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