Modern placement for ear piercing as developed by myself with the help of Chad Johnson. Tash rook, daith and ear head/forward helix locations depicted. Not sure if I will include suggested positions of pearls on the upper flap of the ear from the Chanel 2012 spring campaign. Map is being developed for new Maria Tash website and for placement inspiration.

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Diagram of different ear piercings. I like the scaffold...ha, naming the ones I don't favor would be a shorter list

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One thing that pisses me off most is when people get something pierced and they get the name wrong. I know someone that got their tragus pierced and called it their conch. Geez, get it right!

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tragus, antitragus, conch, inner, upper, outer, daith, forward, helix, industrial, lobe, orbital, ragnar, rook, snug, stretched, transversal, vertical

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