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Steller's sea eagle(Haliaeetus pelagicus ) At its average weight, the Steller's seems to outweigh the average harpy by approximately 500 g (1.1 lb) and the average Philippine eagles by more than 1,000 g (2.2 lb). The sea eagle's wingspan is one of the largest of any living eagle.


Stellar's Sea Eagle, Asian Sea Eagle Wingspan 6.4–8.2 ft, Length 2.8–3.4 ft, Weight Female 15–20 lbs, Male 11–13 lbs


Pinpoint Landing - This Bald Eagle was showing off his landing skills, landing on a small section of ice in the Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area where he had dropped his meal. Bald Eagle, Winter, Nature, Wildlife, Bald Eagles, Birds of Prey, Bird, Eagles, Raptors, Raptor, National Symbol, Bald, Eagle, Wingspan, Snow, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Waterfowl Management Area, Farmington Bay, WMA, Utah, Spiritual

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Golden Eagle Nomads, Erbol

Striking photographs by John Delaney seek to document the vanishing Kazakh Nomads of Mongolia. Known also as Golden Eagle Riders for taming majestic eagles with over 7 foot wingspans, the Kazakh's nomadic way of life is in danger of being eradicated. Golden Eagle Nomads, Erbol_32 x 40

The 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the remote controlled bald eagle with a 9 1/2' wingspan that catches the wind for broad, soaring turns.


The Haast Eagle, The Condor and the Albatross' Wingspan in comparison to the average human height (1.6/1.7M)