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Dylan Obrian

I just read 16 reasons why Dylan O'Brien is the dork of your dreams and I love him SO MUCH more!! He is so cute, sweet, funny, and weird. I love it!

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Dylan O'Brien. I wish they would have had him play Augustus Waters in The Fault in our stars movie. <----OMG YES

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Styles, Teen Wolf. don't watch the show, but when i do i'm amazed by his face. can't wait for mazerunner! (he's going to be the main character)

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25 Hot Young TV Actors You Should Get To Know Before They Hit It Big…

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Everything all together makes.... Dylan O'Brien THE MOST PERFECT PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE

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KEEP CALM AND LOVE DYLAN OBRIEN OMG!!! i found my lifes ultimate pin in the entire pinterest im done! my life is made!:)

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