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A Hanah Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Collection,Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon, bias-cut 5/8 wide

Hanah Silk Ribbon is 100% Silk Ribbon. Yummy....I use this beautiful silk ribbon in my artwork. Gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon colors make these a


hand dyed silk velvet - the adventures of bluegirlxo


Steaming Dyed Silk in the Microwave... It Works!

ER Microwave 6 minutes! so beautiful shibori silk scarves


Hand dyed silk fabric and ribbon by Silk & Willow. Image by Sleepy Fox Photography.

from Utterly Engaged

Earth Collection of Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons (Set of 3

SHOP - The earth collection consist of BLUSH, ROSE, and SANDSTONE, the perfect color combination for your wedding, event, photoshoot, workshop or business styling kit.. This hand dyed ribbon is a 100% silk, …


DIY Dyeing Silk Ribbons in a shot glass with Rit Dye


Earth tone hand dyed silk infinity scarf $85


Silk & Willow, naturally-dyed silk and textiles : :

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Scarf, Silk, Women, Hand Dyed, Hand Painted, Northern Lights Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

This gorgeous multi colored streaked scarf is hand painted and is 100% silk. Hand hemmed as well. This is my version of the Northern Lights on silk. Rich purple, blue, teal, and a touch of white will bring the night sky to your thoughts whenever you wear this (or at least, that is what I hope it does). Lovely mixture of colors dripping into each other to create a lovely picture for you to wear with your favorite outfit. Imagine this with a White outfit!! This scarf is 11 x 58-60 (27.940…


A print made with specially made vegetable juice ink cartridges.