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HMS Vanguard - sank on Scapa Flow after an internal explosion in 1917. On board was my granddad's uncle. He never knew him, but was named after him.

Private Guided Walking Tour of Galle Fort Walk through the old fortifications of Galle, and hear the stories of times past from a local guide whose family has resided there for generations. Visit the museums with their memorable treasures and the lighthouse which was once an indispensable asset of the area. Wander around the maze of cobblestoned streets with their picturesque houses and Dutch names. Relax with a cup of Ceylon Tea or fresh King Coconut. A tour of immense charm ...

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Country 1930s Friendship Quilt Top Many Embroidered Names Pink Blue Pennsylvania

Country 1930s Friendship Quilt Top Many Embroidered Names Pink Blue Pennsylvania | eBay gb-best, possibly made for a benefit, many local Dutch names, 92" x 72", Berk's County, PA estate, names include: Mrs. Stella Bowman, Mrs. Rachell Fetterhoff, Devona Smith, Kenneth Corsnitz, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Trewson, Mrs. Forest Schoffstall, Sara Dauberman

Tullius Octopus Legionary Circus fan Citizenship : Roman French name : Tullius Octopus German name : Tullius Octopus Dutch name : Tullius Octopus Spanish name : Tullius Octopus Italian name : Tullius Octopus Portugese name : Tullius Octopus


Obelus A Roman Legionary with an unruly moustache Citizenship : Roman French name : Obélus German name : Obelus Dutch name : Obelus Spanish name : Obelus Italian name : Obelus Portugese name : Obélius


Claudius Quintilius Legionary in the Compendium camp. Sentry. Citizenship : Roman French name : Claudius Quintilius German name : Carolus Stachus Dutch name : Claudius Quintilius Spanish name : Claudius Quintilius Italian name : Claudius Quintilius Portugese name : Claudius Qunitilius