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Well, the reason this guy fails the exam won't be the professor's lectures. You're paying for an education--pay attention.

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Scientists just discovered a new kind of spider that looks like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. They named it Eriovixia gryffindori, and received personal congratulations from J.K. Rowling on ‘discovering another fantastic beast.’ Source Source 2

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Wat no no he's like 19 and no one can tell me otherwise<<< dude in 2019 he'll be 38 and Gerard will be 41.

twenty øne piløts photos

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I use nerd frequently as an affectionate pet name for my most favorite people. Who all happen to be MASSIVE nerds. Gotta love 'em

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aaaa Newt is so adorable <<< I never understood the thing about having tiny versions of your favourite characters but NOW I SEE THE LIIIIGGGHHHTTT a tiny Newt would be the best

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As a dude, let me just say, we try to be as straightforward as we can. That means, if he texts you, he likes you. He is probably just worried about money/friends/plans/pets/parents/other girls in the way of you and him.

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