Duck billed platypus

LATYPUS Found in vast numbers in eastern Australia including Tasmania, these semiaquatic egg-laying mammals are also known as the duck-billed platypus. Platypus - Newspix/Rex Shutterstock/Rex Features/Rex Images

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Platypus venom: Although powerful enough to kill smaller animals, the venom is not lethal to humans. However, it produces excruciating pain which may be intense enough to incapacitate the victim. The pain develops into a long-lasting hyperalgesia that can persist for months+ and does not respond to morphine. And the venom comes from "spurs" on the back feet!

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Spot Platypus in the wild, shy, elusive, easily frightened and creatures of dawn and dusk, the Platypus is notorious for being nearly impossible to spot in the wild...

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Margot Finke's DOWN UNDER FUN Information about the weird and wonderful Aussie critters in Margot Books

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