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Also called the D.A. or duck butt, the style requires that you comb the hair back to the middle of the head, then with the end of a rattail comb, make a center part. Although the ducktail was adopted lovingly by Hollywood to represent the wild youth of the Fifties, the fact is that only a small minority of guys actually sported a D.A.


Values, money, family, loyalty, life & NO Games.. I'll be in the gym NETWORKING. & to that duck ass who THOUGHT it would be entertaining to poison me & use racism as a learning tool to continue this game, F$ck you! God bless!


Cold War Air Raid Drill ~ by GX Robinson. (Yes, we hid under our desks. So atomic bombs wouldn't kill us. I think now we were told to do this just so we wouldn't realize how vulnerable we were - so we wouldn't go mad thinking about it.)

Friends Has Some Greatness Moments

Friends Has Some Greatness Moments

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