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How To Vac Seal Canning Jars for Dry Storage...there are many many dry, shelf stable foods that will keep well for a long period of time if you can vacuum seal it in a jar.


There is a list of items you can dry can at end of bring a pen and paper to the table! If you have dry canned goods and want to share the items yo...


use a heating pad to heat lids. this method is genious. All of my dry, vacuum seal canning in mason jars has been successful using this technique.


15 Organizational Hacks That’ll Make You Like Doing Laundry

The laundry room… how it gets away with being called that we will never understand. It holds cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, tool boxes and, if you’re like most of us here at Brit + Co., crafting supplies and glamping gear. Organizing that multi-tasking space is a must if only for your sanity. So we’re bring you 20 laundry room organization hacks that will make you actual like doing laundry... maybe.