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This is definitely me. I have been described as having a very dry sense of humor.

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zodiacsociety: Capricorn Zodiac Facts: You need to have a brain to get their sense of humour.http://zodiacsociety.tumblr.comIf Each Zodiac Sign Was a Drug

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De-Inspirational Humor, for those like myself with a dry sense of humor.

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Food Blog

People@school: Bruhh. People@school: OMG THAT IS LIKE THE FUNNIEST THING I EVER HEAR!!!

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Confessions of a Capricorn

People rarely understand the dry sarcastic humor of a Capricorn. But those who do, will find them hilarious. #Capricorn #quote

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It's a rough day when you realize your sarcasm and dry humor is so advanced people just think you're an asshole...

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ecard.. I really do have a terribly dry sense of humor. Sometimes I take it too far, then I laugh.

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When People Don’t Get My Sarcasm

I can speak fluent sarcasm and have a knack for a bone dry sense of humor... sorry 'bout that :/

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real nerd girl problem having a dry sense of humor that no - Real Nerd Girl Problem

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