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Make your own aqua sand- this stuff is SO COOL! Kids can build underwater castles and sea sculptures, and the sand comes out of the water DRY!


Tip Tap Dry Sand Play

from Wattpad

Sea Foam and Silence

#wattpad #fantasy She warned of the pain. She did. But no warning can prepare you. Nothing can. How could any of us have known what it is like on the dry sand? We just watched. It's hard, not being able to ask questions, though I have learned some speech with my hands. ˆ_ˆ ...

Set up a shelf by the sand and water table that has different tools and materials for the kids to choose themselves.


Early excellence sand equipment


Glittery dry sand for tracing letters.

DIY INSULATION FOAM FROM HARDWARE STORE 2x4 2 needed for 4 foot high, insulation spray foam and polyethylene foam cut into strips various sizes., gorilla glue your walks into four sides cut to size if needed. Screw all sides with screws lying around to secure stronger. Then melt polyethylene with torch I used a mini. Careful will flame if used to closely have water handy. Then spray foam wait to dry sand or just break away excess.


Who needs a picture frame? Mason jars make adorable frames for photos of family and friends. Add dried sand and shells for decoration, or objects with sentimental value! They make an adorable home accent.


Birds "need dry sand, which is often lacking on the eroded beaches in front of seawalls. In her study, nearly every beach in front of the 80-year-old seawalls lacked dry sand. Without that dry sand zone, birds don’t have refuge from the waves as they forage in the surf. They also lose an important food source. Dugan found 15 times as many tiny invertebrates—shorebird food—on beaches without seawalls." The Best Defense Against Sea Level Rise Leaves Little Room for Birds | Audubon

wet and dry sand area for play therapy