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Drug Use Quotes

Never underestimate the healing power of listening to your favorite music on full blast while dancing around the house like an idiot l.


If you identify your addiction triggers and determine how to react to your addiction triggers you can avoid using your drug of choice.


I used drugs to escape, and they worked pretty well when I was younger. But they devastated me physically and emotionally—and spiritually ... [they put me] in such a low state that I couldnt communicate with God. Theres no lonelier place to be. I was separated from God, and I wasnt even trying to call on Him. I knew that there was no line of communication. But He came back. And I ... Personal Developmental Quotes #Quote


Drug addiction not only effects the person who's using but family, friends, boss, coworkers, even pets. More-or-less EVERYONE involved in the users life is affected too. The only way for a drug addict to get clean & STAY clean (that's the tricky part) is within their own mindset to do so. You either get clean OR you die --- Plain & simple