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Long blooming, drought tolerant and clay friendly California native Clarkias annuals. they self-sow reliably, so you’ll have new volunteers every year, brand new plants that never look aged or sad. Exceptionally exuberant, “Ruby Chalice Clarkia” quickly reaches 30” x 30”, displaying a profusion of 2” cherry centered lavender-pink blooms beginning in May and lasting till midsummer and even Fall (with some water).

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Deer Grass – Deer Grass is dependable and fast growing. This ornamental grass is the perfect softening contrast to harsh cacti and boulders in your landscape. It thrives in full sun and harsh hot temperatures of Phoenix Arizona. It generally grows to a size of 4’ x 4’ and requires little watering. In the fall, Deer Grass produces tall slender flower spikes which create a stunning contrast to dense foliage.

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Top 20 Drought Tolerant Plants. These are Florida Friendly Favorites available at your Florida Home Depot Garden Center in the season they are in bloom.

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Creeping Thyme (thymus) in pathway stone pavers in drought tolerant California xeriscape garden with oak trees

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Scarlet Gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata) hardy biennial/perennial. Drought tolerant, grows in poor soil, attracts hummingbirds zone 4-11

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Flowering Shrubs Summer Color That Beats the Heat! North Texas summers bring extended heat, drought, and less than ideal conditions for plant growth making it becomes especially challenging to for most plants to produce blooms. However here in North Texas we have a few perennial favorites that…

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Drought Tolerant Flowering Plants for San Diego | North Park Nursery – San Diego Nursery & Garden Center

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Non-Invasive Ornamental Grasses | ... is a compact drought tolerant native grass | Ornamental Native Grass

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Drought tolerant .. Low maintenance .. Muhly grass. Muhlbergia is a variety of ornamental grass with spectacular showgirl flair. The common name is Muhly grass and it is extremely hardy and easy to grow. Muhly grass grows in clumps that are 3 to 4 feet tall. It grows in any type of soil, so long as it drains well. Muhlbergia does not like wet feet.

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