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Trouble Funk ~ A-Groove/That's What We're Talking About/Take It To The Bridge /Grip It ♫ part.1

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Analyzing President Truman's Diary Entry on the Atomic Bomb

This fantastic primary source document activity has students reading a short excerpt from President Truman's diary entry regarding the use of atomic bombs on Japan. In simple terms, Truman justifies dropping the bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki and calls them "military targets". A great, simple reading for students to complete and generate a debate on the bomb's use. One of my favorite ways to conclude our World War II unit and always spurs a great class debate.


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A mini version of our Drop the Bomb Foaming Bath Fizzie. Available by the dozen for your special event.


Cuz they about to drop the most bomb game of 2017


Trump Just Dropped A Nuclear Bomb On Congress! We Have To Drain The Swamp! - YouTube 8:16 pub Oct 18, 2016 ... ... EXCELLENT, HIS PLANS


Learn how to make and use the Essential Oil Flu Bomb and feel better faster! Get well soon!


Trump Just Dropped A Nuclear Bomb On Congress! We Have To Drain The Swamp! ~~ Trump is our nations only chance of survival! Vote for Trump so we can have a chance at saving our land. Bring God back into America so that we can have His Protection, His Grace and His Mercy again! Only Trump will be able to accomplish this for our nation! ~~

from Gimme Some Oven

Egg Drop Soup

This delicious Egg Drop Soup recipe is so easy to make homemade, and tastes even better than the restaurant version!


Seriously tho. Like I don't really agree with Sharon and Steve ship, (but it's cute)but by herself and also Laura, those two are badass. Like, having Hawkeye as a husband has him going out to save the world on multiple occasions. While also have two kids, and being pregnant with another. And having Peggy as your Aunt has you living up to certain expectations.