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How to Drill Stone Pebbles

How to Drill Through Glass Infographic by Eternal Tools. 4 easy illustrated steps for use when drilling through sea glass, beach glass and fused glass. The principle is the same no matter what glass you need to drill through (except tempered glass)

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How To Drill Small Beach Stones

This will show you how to drill holes in your own cabochons, or stones. Please remember to go slow and keep it under water.

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How-To: Clean and Restore Old Tools with Common Household Items

Whenever I head back home to the Midwest to visit my family, my dad and I always schedule at least one afternoon to spend together, scouring local antique stores for beautiful old hand tools. Why? Because, beneath years of dirt and grime, we've found files, planes, screwdrivers, and hand-drills that have turned out to be some of our favorite and most-reliable tools in our workshops--all they needed was a bit of cleaning and some basic maintenance to bring them back into good working order!


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How to drill a straight and accurate hole in metal is a jewelry tutorial video showing a trick to drilling. The more accurate your drilling the neater the eventual setting will be. With this drilling method it is important to drill short burst using your rotary hand piece, rotating your ring clamp or the metal by 90 degrees, srill and repeat. This will correct tendency of the drill wondering to the one side resulting in a skew hole. metalsmith / jewelry making class / how to / tool tips


Etch glass with your Dremel tool Check out these step-by-step directions for etching glass using a Dremel rotary tool.


How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery by Eternal Tools. Take a Dremel rotary tool, a diamond core drill and a diamond burr and start creating shapes into your sea glass and pebbles.