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I miss when you used to talk to me. Then the fun stuff ended. Then you didn't talk to me anymore...

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heart 1 Make more room for love. Start here: New products available. All items 50% off with offer code FEB50. My specialty is relationship problems theres nothing more devastating than losing someone or feeling that you are slowly drifting apart from someone you truly love. It can be as bad as losing someone to death it hurts and creates a very stressful situation in ones life through the use of my clairvoyance and tarot cards i can…

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This happened to me a few years ago, I didn't even notice we were growing apart until the person suddenly just left, started seeming annoyed everytime I said anything to her, then would instantly get excited as soon as one of her new friends started talking to her, even though I'd been there for her every time she needed me. I'm still not over it, I guess. (WOW, I COULD'VE WRITTEN THIS WORD FOR WORD. I DIDNT, BUT I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. SAME HAPPENED TO ME. PEOPLE HAVE NO DECENCY ANYMORE.)

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