Drarry shippers?<<<<<WE ARE HERE *pops out behind a box where I was reading drarry fanfics*
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DRARRY! << WHY DO I SHIP DRACO WITH SO MANY… actually it's just Hermione and harry but still (I got chills from reading this)

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I imagined Hermione and Draco when I read this until it said the Gryffindor bent down on one knee❤️

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#wattpad #fanfiction Sooooo.... Hi. I suck at descriptions but please give this story a chance. I'm not going to be like those people who say ' When this story gets to 500 views and 45 votes I'll update' Because I honestly think if you are going to write a story then you should be doing it for yourself. To be creativ...

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OH GOD OH GOD . ginny never knew....YEAHH!! HELL YES!!!!!! longest fan fiction!!

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This is too cute... xD <3 so much love right now!! xD I can totally imagine Draco being like this too, not understanding all the muggle contraptions and being unintentionally adorable.

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