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15 Low Tech Fixes for a Drafty House

15 Low Tech Fixes for a Drafty House - One Crazy House Use bungee cord to hang draft-stopper curtains behind regular curtains

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DIY Draft Stopper

draft stopper - first step was a bit confusing for no particular reason. Basically, make a pillowcase (only not as wide) and then sew the door canal.

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How to Make Draft Stoppers

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Draft stopper with pipe insulation see door draft stopper Other fillers pool noodles, polyester batting, (not food corn, rice), walnut shells, sand--Hall doors: Fold under at 25" L and sew end half-way closed so tubes can be removed for washing the draft cover) x 8 3/4" W--from lulabellesview blog

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Draft Stopper DIY

With a small piece of fabric and a few plastic bags, families can stay warm, save money and save energy this winter. A simple draft stopper diy tutorial.

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How To Make A Draft Stopper Out Of Socks

Did you know you lose 5-30% of your home's heat through drafts? Make your own Draft Stopper and cut your heating bill!

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