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All of our staff LOVE the Dr. Panda apps - check out these four FREEBIES! Lisa M


Dr. Panda's Airport - FREE - rated 4 Stars by Eleanor Bottom line: Another solid piece of edutainment from the people at TribePlay. Explore an airport in a fun series of mini-games. Great for handing to toddlers/preschoolers and letting them at it while you enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea. From landing planes to running an x-ray machine, there’s a lot more fun in the full version of Dr. Panda’s Airport! Over 10 multi-step minigames in all!


Hoopa City Reviews Kids Apps Best Dr. Panda Games - Kids Video Application iPhone iPad


Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck, is coming THIS Thursday, March 12!


Treasure Island - Panda Games | Activity App for Toddlers

Hoopa City - Dr. Panda Apps for kids #ishoes #awesomeapps

10 Kindle apps toddlers and preschoolers will love!


Dr Panda’s & Toto’s Treehouse - app review

Dr. Panda’s & Toto’s Treehouse. Thanks for sharing your moments with Toto and Dr. Panda! :) #Apps #Kids #Turtle

Good for:planning/sequencing, short-term memory, reasoning, and problem solving. ask questions like, What animal asked for these raspberries?” to promote memory. Planning and sequencing are parts of this app, as the child has to figure out what to do next and plan out the steps of how to do it. Oh, and I often throw in a little incidental theory of mind teaching in the beginning when the thought bubble comes up, with questions like, “What do you think he’s thinking about asking Dr. Panda?”