The sequel to Eddie Murphy's smash hit family comedy, DR DOLITTLE, will certainly not disappoint fans of the first film. Murphy returns as the doctor, who has now garnered some measure of fame for his

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Dr. Dolittle - 1998 : Eddie Murphy...I saw this on one of the flights I took... Because I loved the books of Dr. Dolittle when I was a kid, I was disappointed that this movie was nothing from the book... but it was a funny movie...that the doctor can talk with animals.

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Dr Dolittle 1967 Film Soundtrack "Talk To The Animals" -- -- The original 'Doctor Dolittle' film with Rex Harrison; -- "Like Animals (Doctor Dolittle, 1967 - HD)!"--

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Doctor Dolittle (1998-all) - Classic Comedy | Family | Fantasy - A Doctor finds out that he can understand what animals are saying. And the animals find out that he understands. Stars: Eddie Murphy, Peter Boyle, Ossie Davis ♥♥♥

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justinejosephineb: “ This has been the happiest shipper day. I can’t stop smiling. No matter what happens tomorrow, I will always have today. Love to all Shippers, on or off the ship. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋 ”

Dr Dolittle 1967 Film Soundtrack "Talk To The Animals" Rex Harrison makes the list again. Yes, this was a movie musical, but it has since been made into a "real" Broadway musical!

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