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Jenna Coleman - Photoshoot for Glamour UK - October 2016 pinterest: @ashlin1025

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Matt and Jenna after filming his last episode <-- *cries*<<<LOOK AT HIS HAND!!! IT MOVES ToWARDs HER BUT GOES QUICKLY BACK TO HIS SIDE!!! HE WANTED TO HUG HER BUT HE COULDNT!!! *whispers* I think he likes her a lot*cries harder*

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I <3 Jenna-Louise Coleman; I love this off-pink color coat, I love her makeup, I just ... she's so lovely. ----Jenna-Louise Coleman Online // The online home for all the Jenna-Louise Coleman fans

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#doctorwho #jennacoleman #claraoswald

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Jenna Coleman

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Clara Oswald | Jenna Coleman | Doctor Who | filming "Death in Heaven" on Queen Street in Cardiff 17 July 2014

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