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Shop-made Doweling Jig-great demo on how to build and use this version of the successful Rockler design


Dowel Jig simple. Could be improved with bushing inserts and sleeves from lee valley. A brad point drill bit the same size as the holes can be pushed by hand into any hole to accurately mark the center line.


Make an Accurate Dowel Jig from Scrap Wood

This is a quick project that can be done in less than an hour. All you need is a couple of scraps of wood and two bushings, which can be found at almost any hardware store. It is very accurate, given you make the jig precisely.


Make a DIY Dowel Center Finder Out of Scrap Wood

Trying to eyeball the exact center of anything is a bad idea, especially when you’re working with dowels. This DIY dowel center finder is cheap and easy to make, and works like a charm.

You can buy or build more elaborate tapering jigs, but this simple helper will handle most of your tapering chores. It runs against your saw’s rip fence, so you needn’t mount miter-slot guides on it. To use the jig, measure the width of the sled and set your fence that distance from the blade. Remove the top screw, loosen the pivot screw, rotate the fence to match your desired taper, and then tighten both screws. Butt your workpiece against the dowel with one edge against the jig’s fence…