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The Dow Jones Industrial Average /ˌdaʊ ˈdʒoʊnz/, also called DJIA, the Industrial Average, the Dow

If You Use Coconut Oil In These Forms, It Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger In 2 Weeks!

Breaking! The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is 2 Points Away From Record High!

Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges By 500 Points

The U.S. market's Dow Jones index entered into correction territory on Friday, but it should be seen in context. The stock market has been climbing for years and is still up in the last five years, an historic bull market run.

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New record high: Dow Jones Industrial Average What do YOU think?

Sharp drop in crude oil prices weighs down stock market

The Dow Jones industrial average inched up half a point to eke out another record high at 17,828.24.