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Dow jones close today

Market is closed today & last week its been picking up like #Dow_Jones #Nasdaq

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit another record high today,on the heels of the fed trimming its monthly buyback program and a great ADP private-sector jobs report.

Dow Jones Price : 17,511.34 Today's change : -33.84 (-0.19%) Open : 17,537.30 Prev Close: 17,545.20 - See more at:

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Gold hikes in advance of US nonfarm payrolls statement -

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ow Jones Price : 16,351.38 Today's change : +293.03 (1.82%) Open : 16,058.30 Prev Close: 16,058.30 - See more at:

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2015-05-14 DOW JONES | U.S. stocks were mixed after the close on Wednesday, as gains in the Technology, Industrials and Telecoms sectors led shares higher while losses in the Utilities, Consumer Services and Basic Materials sectors led shares lower. Mixed data came following the negative retail sales data, as it provided a negative outlook for consumer spending in Q2 while on the other hand it implies that loose monetary policies will stay for longer. The Dow ended the day in negative…

Dow Jones: Why did the index retrace from 16850.00 today?

2015-04-29 DOW JONES The Dow ended the day higher on Tuesday supported by strong earnings from Merck and gains in IBM after it boosted its dividend. Adding to market volatility just before the close, shares of Twitter dropped by approximately 24 percent after results were published lower than expected. IBM shares rose 1.9 percent, giving the Dow a very strong boost. The company increased its quarterly dividend by 18 percent, the biggest increase in five years. Shares also closed above their…

GWEN IFILL: The brinksmanship in Washington did little to reassure Wall Street today. Stocks fell amid fears the government might shut down, and that Congress might also fail to raise the debt limit next month, triggering a national default. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 128 points to close at 15,129. The Nasdaq fell 10 points to close at 3,771.

Looking Back: A decade of Digital Billboards A lot can happen in a decade. In 2007 the iPhone was introduced Mad Men was the acclaimed new TV series and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 14000 for the first time in history. 2007 also was the year that Watchfire Signs made its foray into digital billboards and a good deal has changed in the outdoor display industry during the past 10 years. Digital billboards are approved in nearly every state. Today 46 states have passed laws…

The downturn in the Market that was expected if Trump won is just not happening. The Dow Jones closed 200 points higher today.

US Stocks Close Slightly Higher: The main stock markets in the US closed slightly higher on Monday. The Dow Jones industrial average rose…

Dow (18332.74, +0.40%) closed higher and was witnessing a Clinton lead then. Going with the charts, the 3-day candle has 18400 as an immediate resistance and while that holds, we could see a fall towards 17800 or even more today. Note that the Dow futures are down about 700 points and could reflect in the Dow Jones tonight. Visit: - The number 1 financial investment alert provider. #marketsandyou #tradesuccessfully #technicalanalysis #signupnow #tradingguide #financi

WOW. Dow Jones closes above 15,000 for first time today and Japan’s Nikkei tops 14,000 for 1st time since 2008 yesterday. Thanks to the Deranged Republican Frugals. The last thing Darrell Issa needs is Pastor Mike Huckabee [the dog slayer]

Nov. 14, 1972, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 1,000 for the first time, ending the day at 1,003.16.

#MARKETS: #Uganda shilling and global market report for November 21 2016 The Uganda shilling is doing a fantastic job of falling as some of you have been reading. Today it closed at 3600 on the US dollar. There is a God after all. We need the UGX to keep falling so that Ugandans can buy local and stop importing. All traders need to hedge on the USD/UGX. There will be no good news from Uganda to lift up their currency. Short every bounce. I would if I were trading it. Gold closed at $1215…

#Uganda shilling and #market report - January 4 2017 The Uganda shilling did not move today. It closed at 3612 on the US dollar. It is pausing before diving some more. The news coming out of Uganda points to more weakness for the UGX so hang onto your shorts for a while. Gold is at $1157 per ounce after losing $3.42 but this is minute. Brent Crude Oil recovered a bit today by $0.96 and closed at $56.51. It is looking like it could continue the upward swing though. Reason I had said to…

Will the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 17,000 today or sometime this week, thus continuing the phenomenal #ObamaStockMarketRally.

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US Stocks Push to New Record Highs: US stocks continued their recent rally, with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones closing at record highs. The…

#Uganda shilling and global market report - January 6 2017 The Uganda shilling is moving in a narrow range and will remain weak due to the economic situation in the country as well as the political issues and overall hostile investment environment. USD Britain Euro Rupee Kenya Canada Sweden Australia Tanzania China 3625.00 4452.99 3818.50 53.18 34.46 2738.64 400.38 2644.20 1.66 523.26 Arabica Coffee $3.53/kg Robusta Coffee $2.34/kg Gold closed at $1173 after…

Silver is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Silver is in strong downtrend and the trend is supported with good volume The open interest is not increasing with trend . In last few days volume based selling happened in the Silver. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Silver is in To Get Free Tips: Bullion Tips Commodity Tips Mcx Tips 9770670009, 0731-3299704

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Dow hits 19,999.63 and retreats, as 20K milestone nears

The Daily Stock Market News June 14, 2016 - Stocks & oil fell for 4th day - #stockmarket #investments

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#Uganda and global #market report - September 28 2016 #MoneySense #Invest The Uganda shilling closed at 3382 on the US dollar 4403 on the British pound 3794 on the Euro 50.96 on the Rupee 33.40 on the Kenyan shilling 2588 on the Canadian dollar (sweet) 2602 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. Coffee Arabica closed at $3.76 per kilo. Coffee Robusta closed at $2.18 per kilo Gold is trading at $1323 per ounce and lost $4. OIL - read the mid week report I shared…