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On December 9, 1968, SRI's Douglas Engelbart ushered in the personal-computing revolution with his now-famous demonstration of the world's first mouse.


Inventor Of Computer Mouse Dies; Doug Engelbart Was 88

Mother Of All Demos: Doug englebart is describing the graphical user interface, a good twenty years before most consumers had access to a grapical user interface in Macs or PCs. BTW, Doug invented the computer mouse. (He apologizes for the silly name)


Douglas Engelbart, one of my heros, passed away this week. This video is a recording of what's now called "The Mother of All Demos", from 1968, showcasing things about computing decades ahead of their time. The mouse, teleconferencing, word processing, file linking, real time text editing are all on display in this incredible talk.


"The Mother of All Demos" Douglas Engelbart demonstration of experimental computer technologies (1968)

from MIT Technology Review

Doug Engelbart: More than Just the Man Behind the Mouse

The pioneering Doug Engelbart invented things that transformed computing, but he also intended them to transform humans.

Bill English´s replica of the first computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963, which not made him a rich man by the way!


Douglas Engelbart | American inventor whose work beginning in the 1950s led to his patent for the computer mouse, the development of the basic graphical user interface (GUI), and groupware. Engelbart...

from Oddee

World's Firsts

Awww... World's First Computer Mouse (1964): by Douglas Engelbart... Carpal tunnel galore!


Douglas Engelbart's Workstation 1966 - Keyset, keyboard, monitor, mouse


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