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You and I know it’s Top Deck reinvented, but to avoid a law suit, let’s call it a Double Decker chocolate bar, shall we? This is easy to make once you know how – and I mean easy! …

Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Bar


Hey . Opted for a choco bar again today I'm quite keen on these... All I need to do now is melt some of this on top of a brownie and we will have a winner . Today seems to be going quite slowly and I'm looking forward to having a rest . My chocolate bar hitlist - rolls - double decker - starbar - boost . I've been buying individual bars instead of larger ones as I've found it helpful in terms of making sure I'm not 'banning' anything but also not buying more than I really want . It's…

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Homemade Double Decker bar

Homemade Double Decker bar recipe - goodtoknow

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Double-Decker Chocolate-Butterscotch Bars

Double-Decker Chocolate-Butterscotch Bars

10 - Pack of Cadburys Double Decker Milk Chocolate BAR with a Soft 60g Each Bar, Chewy Nougat Top & Cruncy Cereal Bottom, Made in the Uk -

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20 amazing international candies that need to come to America already

For those who like Snickers bars, the Cadbury Double Decker from the UK just might be your new favorite. The bar is filled with nougat on top and a crunch cereal on the bottom before it's wrapped in a delicious chocolate coating.