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Dota 2 Trade

DOTA 2 Lounge Dota 2 Lounge (Dota2Lounge / was one of the premier sites for item trading. You could, and still can, go there and make a post with items you had and what items you wanted. Others would then see this listing and contact you to work out a trade. It was a great, free, [ ] The post Dota 2 Lounge What Happened to Item Betting? appeared first on Loot Market Blog.

DOTA Middleman Service Private trading of DOTA 2 items for money is a big industry. If you re trading with a friend or trusted source, all is well. But what if you want to trade to some random guy online? Most people aren t silly enough to simply trust that when you send the item, the other [ ] The post DOTA Middleman Service appeared first on Loot Market Blog.