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One Powerful Way To Change Bad Behavior

Sometimes children will ask for love in the most unloving of ways. *This one simple way to change bad behavior is easy and powerful. Once you know how and why this changes bad behavior, you can use it over and over again!


Beginning of the Year Read Alouds! So excited!

Secondgradealicious: Beginning of the Year Read Alouds! So excited! This book is great for instilling a growth mindset.


The Dot by Peter Reynolds Read and then create a project for International Dot Day! For activities:


The Dot: Comprehension Questions and Activity Packet

This book study is on the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. The Dot is about having a Growth Mindset and really trying and practicing your craft while having a positive attitude. This is a great lesson any time of the year. Language Arts assessment aligned with common core!


In later models (1974 and onward) in the USA, Mercedes added bumpers that extended out more to meet DOT regulations, as you can see here. They also changed the look of the headlights (twin-sealed). Both of those design changes are widely considered unfavorable by most car collectors.