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from Business Insider

Donald Trump has been fired from his Scotland Ambassador role


Thx you Scotland for stepping up and letting the GOP Know. Scotland is NOT a Muslim Islamic country! Get it !!! You morons! Quit trying to islamatize the entire world you traitors!!!

from NY Daily News

Trump ‘couldn’t get elected the dog-catcher’ in Scotland

Watch the video! - "The former First Minister of Scotland thinks Donald Trump is crazy." "Donald Trump ‘couldn’t get elected the dog-catcher’ in Scotland following golf course fiasco" says Alex Salmond, the former political leader of Scotland


MUST SEE! Hillary Demands Trump to Remove this Video - So Share it to Everyone ! - YouTube


I really don't care if a Presidential candidate served in the Armed Forces or not. I don't think it's a make-or-break issue as many do. HOWEVER this image is right on target. The man acts like Terrible Two's do, yelling, raging, selfish, lashing out, I want it MY WAY & RIGHT NOW. It's developmentally appropriate for two year olds. Not so much for the supposedly adult village (read Nation) idiot. Sheesh. This clown has got to go. The rest of the world thinks we're all idiots for allowing…