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Donald Trump Political Views

For A Stronger America!

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True...but only if America survives his presidency in the first place...he's only president elect but acting like he's a king already...and "king" trump really seems to like nuclear bombs.

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but he made and lost his own money --- then made it all back - he doesn't pretend to be anything he's not - having said that I don't know if he's presidential material but hussein obama and the hilliary clinton are definitely are not

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What do you mean "might have"? All baggers do is f**k up America and all Trump does is shovel sh*t!

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This was from someone I follow who has a bunch of goth-alternative boards. *disappointed sigh*

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We don't need alarm clocks. We ALL have a wake-up call coming, and I hope we survive it.

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More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

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November 9th 2016... Donald J Trump Is The President Elect Of The United States Of America..

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Actually, I'm Pro-World, Anti-Trump

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