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Donald Trump Grandchildren

Donald Trump makes top Republican fear environmental future

A leading US Republican fears for the future of her grandchildren with Donald Trump as president.

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump have five children together, Donald III, Kai and Tristan Trump (pictured) and Spencer and Chloe (not pictured). Trump's youngest grandchild Chloe was born on June 16, 2014.


Melania says she wishes her husband would give up Twitter

After the interview, Trump and his family posed for a picture. Back row, from left to right: Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Front row from left to right, grandaughter Kai and grandson Donnie


Trump Brags About Sexually Assaulting And Harassing Women

While the media, and the GOP establishment, continue to attack Donald J. Trump and his candidacy, one former employee of his decided to offer a touching


At least four kinds of terrorism target our grandchildren — none are what Donald Trump would have you think

Last week, I had the great honor of standing with faith leaders – including Rev. William Barber, Khizr Khan, and Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block – to speak out against Donald Trump’s proposed administration-in-waiting. The cabinet of bigotry. These radical cabinet appointments threaten our economy, hurt our children, and tear the fabric of our democracy. This is not the future we seek to build for our children. When our future great grandchildren look back at this moment and ask us: What did…