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Donald Trump China

Trump on Letterman talking about China. Also trying to push his clothing line - Letterman points out that Trump's ties are made in China! Awkward! lolol

Donald Trump said China was 'raping' the US to boost his election chances, says Chinese minister #donald #trump #china #raping #boost…

What Does China Think of Donald Trump? | China Uncensored - Published on Mar 18, 2016 Everyone seems to have an opinion about Donald Trump, and China is no exception. What are they saying about the US presidential candidate? Well, considering China already has built a wall...

Economic Analysis shows Trump's China crackdown would create millions of American jobs. As Donald Trump called for cracking down on Chinese currency manipulation, other candidates—most notably, Marco Rubio—argued against Trump.

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Donald Trump Delivered the Most Embarrassing Rant of the GOP Debate

Donald Trump Claims the TPP Is a Nefarious Plot by China. Fact: China Is Not Part of the TPP.

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Trump Clothing Line Made in China AND Mexico

How can Donald Trump complain that China has taken all of U.S. jobs when he is hypocritically giving U.S. jobs away! Can't blame China for that!