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"If you don't like me that's fine. But bitch don't pretend to be my friend when I'm around. I don't deal kindly with fake people "


Look, I Don’t Hate You (Live Life Happy)

Don't hate you... Your just nothing to me... Nothing, and it feels so freeing to my soul. ❤️


I don't live my life to please anyone. I don't care what anyone things. If you don't like me, don't talk to me PROBLEM SOLVED :) #Life #lifelessons #lifeadvice #lifequotes #quotesonlife #lifequotesandsayings #live #please #care #thinks #like #problem #solved #shareinspirequotes #share #inspire #quotes


You mean to tell me, spoons don't actually sound like airplanes.

“I am letting you go, I am letting you go because I know that being with me suffocates you; I am letting you breathe without me, without the poison that’s killing your happiness. I am letting you go, not because I don’t love you anymore but because I am so in love with you that I don’t want to ruin you. I don’t want to be the hindrance for you to achieve your goals in life. I want you to be free; I don’t want to imprison you with my love that is so selfish. I am letting you go, I am letting…