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Don't talk about me until you have talked to me. Don't underestimate me until you challenge me. Don't judge me until you know me.

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Don't Judge Me Quotes | Don't judge what you don't understand Picture Quote #1

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Don't judge me

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I’m Quiet, Don’t Judge

Have you ever heard some one say: "It's always the loud ones." ? Right, didn't think so.

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'My taste in music runs from "You need to listen to this" to "Please don't Judge me". Ha! Unfortunately, yes ; (

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if you want to judge me based upon my past, dont be surprised when you become apart of it!

"You have to be me to judge me." Sometimes a person thinks they know what's going on with another person. What they're going through, that their pain is not important. 9/10 times, they have no idea. That pain that they think is unimportant? Silly? You're not even scratching the surface of what is really happening to them.

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