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Honey-baked madeleines

Honey-baked madeleines. Dominic Chapman makes his madeleines with honey for a twist on these classic French cakes. Kids and adults alike will be charmed by their unique shape

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Halibut with cockle risotto

Dominic Chapman's sublime seafood recipe features a cockle infused risotto and perfectly cooked halibut fillet.

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Turkey and butternut squash ravioli

Making a homemade ravioli has never been more appealing than in this turkey ravioli recipe from Dominic Chapman

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Smoked haddock fish cakes with creamed leeks

This smoked haddock fish cake recipe from Dominic Chapman is served with a sumptuous portion of creamed leeks in this recipe.

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Christmas turkey gravy

Dominic Chapman serves up the ultimate gravy recipe for your Christmas roast, from his recipe for roast turkey with all the trimmings. The pan juices from the meat are key here - they impart a meaty richness that adds depth and will save you from the dreaded bland, watery gravy that must be avoided at all costs.

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Seared mackerel with beetroot, horseradish and watercress

Seared Mackerel Recipe With Beetroot, Horseradish & Watercress - Great British Chefs

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Butternut squash soup

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Sea bass with tarka dhal, coriander salad and buttered kale

Dominic Chapman pairs the delicate flavour of sea bass with the punch of Indian spices with his tarka dhal recipe. An aromatic mixture of soft yellow lentils cooked slowly with toasted spices including cumin, coriander and ginger, the dhal is finished with fresh cherry tomatoes and coriander for balance.

Great British Bake Off – inspiration and tips for Chocolate Week

It’s Chocolate Week on the Great British Bake Off and the contestants have to get to grips with chocolate tarts, soufflés and architectural showstoppers.

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