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When I say run. RUN!

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I thought it was a kingdom of fans as well..... As since that's way cooler anyway.....

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I have felt this same way so many times. The relief of getting back to your domain (your seat) and knowing you don't have to do that for a while is amazing. Then you feel it...that inconveniently timed urge to pee...and it all starts again.

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Yes. I always feel safe curled up in a ball on my bed with my iPod, my headphones, a book, my amazing soft fuzzy blanket <3 , and my pillows...(SO puffy!)(and new) lol

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4th Grade Common Core Math Test Prep Game Show Bundle All Domains and Standards

4th Grade Common Core Math Test Prep Game Show Bundle All Domains and Standards - Make test prep something to look forward to with these super fun games. There is a game show for each domain. $

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What a cute display of SEO tips! #buzzlymedia #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing

Atlanta, GA

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Quadratic Functions Foldable

Quadratic Functions Foldable: This foldable covers domain and range and the main vocabulary of quadratic functions: vertex, axis of symmetry, parabola, zeros/roots, and y-intercept. The student quickly puts the foldable together with a few cuts and folds and then fills in the definitions under each corresponding flap. Then they identify each part on the given parabola that is already graphed for them. Great for review of concepts. Can be glued into interactive notebook and used as a study…

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I’m a North Austin girl. Always been, and always will be. If you tell me Brodie or it’s around the “Y in Oak Hill”…I’m utterly lost without my GPS. From the great schools, to the Domain, to the delicious restaurants, North Austin has the BEST of everything! For me, it has definitely upped its game since …