YOGA SEQUENCE TO SPLITS/HANUMANASANA This sequence may not get you to the splits instantly but they are some stretches to help you along the way. I suggest doing this after a proper warm up. A few Sun A's and Sun B's etc. this is not so much a flow but a

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Learn how to do the splits in 2 weeks. It would be awesome if I could get my splits back.

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These are great stretches to help you do the splits! If you do these everyday you’ll be able to do the splits in no time! These stretches were actually what I practiced for to learn the splits

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I saw you guys were really interested in learning how to do the splits! So here is a video showing you the 9 steps I take when warming up to the splits. Be a...

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I'm going to teach you how to successfully get into the splits with your 30 day #journeytosplits challenge! YOU IN? Have fun, good luck! Our #JourneytoSplits begins on July 1st!

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