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Dog Training 101 - young and adult dogs can learn the basics


Train your own family pet to be a diabetic service dog

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10 best videos for clicker training your dog

For teaching your dog the basics, these videos are the best place to start! Learn how to use clicker training and positive reinforcement to get fast results from your dog.

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Emergency Recall Training for Dogs

Emergency Recall Training | How To Get Your Dog to Come When Called (No Matter What)


Dog Training: Training Methods For A Well Trained And Obedient Dog (Standard Commands, Training Dogs, Dog Obedience Training)

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How to Teach a Puppy to Sit, Stay, and Wait

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Dog Training Tips: Training your Dog to Stay in the Yard

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your dog will stay in your yard instead of roaming? Our dog training tips may be able to help! A fence or other containment system can ensure your dog stays confined to a specific area, but that may not always be feasible.


Brooklyn Dog Training Classes - Doggie Academy

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4 Tips to Stop a Dog From Jumping

Dogs jumping up might not be the most endearing thing they do - great tips on how to curb their behavior! #dogownertips #dogtraining