Unbearably adorable dogs nose close-up

Used to walk the dogs by a fence where a dog would stick his nose through a hole like this, so glad someone captured the moment.

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Is it sad that I literally poked my finger at this dog's nose and went "boop!" upon seeing this picture? It's just such a cute little nose!

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Boop Boop : @lunazorrolife : Border Collie & Australian Shepherd : www.leashyourself.com #boopmynose •

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Love to eat those Dog Treats, them Dog Treats what I love to eat; Gobble 'em by the handful, Crunch 'em with my tiny teeth... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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Beagle schnoz -- Good for nudging hands for chin & ear scratches, finding food, and snoring!

Cute dog, big nose #photography #blackandwhite #Photooftheday americanbullydaily.com top5stories.com

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